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Dr. James Jim Husen, Psy.D.jpg

"For me, being a psychologist is
a calling. I am passionate about what I do."


- Licensed Psychologist - License Number: Psy 30102

- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - License Number: LMFT 86502

- Licensed Attorney - License Number: 210313


- California Southern School of Law - Law School Professor

- California Baptist University - Guest Lecturer

- Toastmasters

- Certified Parenting Trainer


- Qualification Requirements for Child Custody Evaluator in California.

- Psychological Assistant  - Individual Severe Mental Health Patients.

- MFT Internship - Individual, couple and group counseling.

- 52 Week Batterer Program Facilitator.

- Certified Scorer for the Adult Attachment Interview.

- Ryokan College - Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

- California Baptist University - Masters of Science Program in MFT.

- California Southern School of Law.

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